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I want to hold on to that spark.. [entries|friends|calendar]
Tyfferny Ann

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.... [27 Nov 2005|08:57pm]
I'm alive..sort of..and doing well...kinda...

Just thought you all should know..
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FINALLY MOVING! [11 Nov 2005|09:11pm]
So the time has come..we're finally moving. Everything seems to be working out now..so thanks to all of you for all the comments and messages..and just being so damn great..:).

I'm sorry if I haven't been the greatest friend the past couple of weeks..this shit has been stressing me the eff out. I will make it up to each and every one of you..I PROMISE.

Anyways - I'm probably not going to have the internet for quite some time. I'll try to check myspace and my e-mail at my mom's and at Joe's house.

If you need to get a hold of me..or just plain miss me..give me a call at 208-651-6356.

Thanks again for being there for me. It really did help a lot.

<3 Tyff.
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GoOgLe It! [12 Sep 2005|05:14pm]
I think that you all should...

1.) Go to www.google.com
2.) Type in "failure" without the quotes
3.) Press the "I'm feeling lucky button" (instead of the google search one)
4). Laugh & Repost.

<3 Tyff.
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...and I don't wanna forget how your voice sounds.... [01 Sep 2005|11:41am]
[ mood | cold ]

Well for starters I have to say that Saturday was the most fun I've had in a LONG ass time.  I thank the few of you who were involved for that immensly.  You dug me out of the depressed rut I was heading for. 

So yeah - saturday my brother calls Jack, Joey, and I and tells us we're all going camping whether we like it or not.  So I call Joe and invite him along too.  We finally get to St. Maries after having to turn around to go back to CDA when we were all the way to Fighting Creek, and we all chill at my mommy's house for a while.  I get the bright idea to call Michelle and tell her to come down and party with us.  Joe calls her - talks her into it - and she heads for S town..haha.  The rest of us sat around being bored until the parents got home and decided to take us all to dinner.  So all of us went to Handi Corner and ate.  While we were eating Michelle showed up.  After dinner, we all went our seperate ways then eventually met back up at IGA.  It took for FUCKING EVER for everyone to show back up.  We finally got ready to leave and had a cop scare so we all bolted to our camping spot.  We set up camp and got to drinking. We were all having a good 'ol time when Ahnawake, Kendra, Lil Jack, Nick Gallagher, Mark, Brandon, and Debra all showed up.  It was all fine and dandy until Kendra started talking in code about everyone.  We were all confused.  It got annoying so everyone fled for bed.  Anyways - it was just fun.  Watching Joey hit on Michelle, us getting scared of big foot and wolves, laughing at Ahnawake being fuckin' plowed, and just sitting around bullshitting was a blast.

Which brings me to the decision to a choice that I have been pondering on for quite some time now -  I think Jack and I are moving back to St. Maries after our lease is up.  Yup.  We aren't positive yet....but I guess you don't realize how badly you will miss something until it's out of reach.  I wanted out of that lil town for so long, but now every night after work..or whenever we're bored - our first thought is to drive down there.  The only time we have fun anymore is when we are down there.  Or when we are with people from down there. 


There's other obvious reasons I'm not going to state just because I know it will cause unnecessary bickering.  Gah.

Moving on - yesterday was so fun.  It was my day off and Jack got it off too so he could go to the dentist.  So we went to Plummer, sat there forever, and left with medicine and a tooth still hurting.  We went to St. Maries after that and hung out with Nick and Amanda for a while.  Around 3 we all went to Amanda's soccer game and goofed off while she played.  Jack went and picked Joey up from Fernwood then we headed to my house, ate dinner, and left for Spokane.  I was supposed to get free tickets to Exit Zero's show but the dude who was going to give them to me, gave mine away on accident.  Riiiiight.  Oh well no big deal.  So we got lost..but finally found Fat Tuesday's after everyone decided to listen to me (haha ;) no worries).  We saw Rich and April right away.  Rich gave us a hug and April was SOOOO excited to see us.  There was hardly anyone on the floor for the band that was playing so we made our way to the front of the stage.  Once the boys played, April came and stood with us and we talked for a while.  The boys were effin' amazing..there new songs are just fantastic.  I love them!  I swear they get ten times better with every show..haha.  After the show all of us stood around talking.  Donny and Nick had their guitar talk and the rest of us laughed at Richard being midly entertaining like always haha.  It was a blast.  After that we went to Dick's and pigged out. 

Gah.  Fun times.

Keith is in town!  Woot woot!  Well Kati is going to pick him up today and he'll be here for like two or three weeks.  Yay for her.  Jack, Kati, Keith, and I are all going to Hooters on Tuesday..cuz we're cool like that..haha..nah just kidding.  It's been a big  joke between all of us for a while so we're just going to get it over with and go..haha.  It'll be fun. 

Grouse season started today.  Fuck yeah man.  I love grouse season..but lord almighty it's gonna be an expensive one with gas prices.  I can't wait for this weekend..nothing but drinking, fireworks, dancing,  grouse hunting, and fun..haha.  Don't know where we are going to stay yet..but we'll figure it out.  MICHELLE YOU BEST BE COMING NUCCA!!!!!!  Haha. 

Can't wait until tomorrow..get the eff outta here and spend the whoooooole weekend in good 'ol SM.  Yay.  The parents better not be too fuckin' annoying!  Haha.  Nah they'll be fiiiiine.

Hopefully next payday Jack and I will get to take our trip we've been planning..well kinda.  I wish his mom wouldn't have been a bitch and screwed it all up!!!!  Oh well..now we can go where ever we want. 

God work is boring.  I've been here since 8:30am and I've seriously had maybe 5 calls..if that.  Made three sales in one call though..haha.  There is like 16 agents available and only a handful of people are actually on the phone.  Oh well..it's kinda fun not doing anything.  Cameron and I have been bsing all day..but he had to go to stupid C Flow training for 4 effin' hours so I'm stuck sitting here all by myself.  Hopefully Jen and Laura will come sit by me when they get here.  And it's so effin' cold up here!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAH!  Forgot to bring my sweatshirt..but luckily Cam had a blanket..haha.  I've been wrapped up in it all day.  I can't believe it's almost 1:00 though..man it's flown by.  I hope tomorrow does too because I'm going to be going nuts waiting for it to be 7 since we're leaving tomorrow..yay!  Oh and I'm so sad..Heather finally came into work today to tell us all that she is moving to Tri-Cities.  She had her hands full of all of her stuff to turn in.  It was sad!!!!  She took pictures with all of us and then left.  She'll be back in tomorrow to pick up her pay check before she heads out so we'll get to see her one more time.  Gah..that sucks!

So, I started taking my new pills and they are completely fucking me up already.  I knew they would.  I go to the doctor in a couple more weeks though and then I can finally find out what's wrong with me.  Gah.  I'm scurred.  It'll be okay though.  I know it will..and hopefully it will make me better..yay.  Who knows anymore gah.

Well, I'm going to go on my lunch now.  So yeah..enough rambling for now.

Layta lovelies.

<3 Tyff.

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HECK YES, FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [18 Aug 2005|08:59am]
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I told you guys..destiny. HAHA. Just kidding, Jackamus..I LOVE YOU.
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[21 Jul 2005|03:50pm]
[ mood | irate ]

Joe - if you read this fuck you!

do you want to talk?

I'm DoNe. [04 Jul 2005|12:11am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

I'm sick of the drama and I'm sick of trying to check my friends page and only seeing fuckin' community posts..so I'm out.  You can reach me on myspace or on my other journal on here.  If I love ya enough - I might just give it to ya. 

No more fuckin' drama.  I'm done with it.

<3 Tyff.

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I'm so far gone now..I've been running on empty. [28 Feb 2005|12:16pm]
[ mood | content ]

Gah.  I just want to apologize to everyone for the lack of comments.  Things have been CRAZY.  Lord almighty.

So yeah..I'm soooooo sorry.

And I've been super addicted to myspace..cuz I'm a dork like that.  So add me..if you haven't already.

I'll type more when I have more time..and when I'm not so spacey..gah..too much on my mind.


~*~It'S nOt Me..So WhO aM i NoW?!~*~ - The Used

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I cry when angels deserve to die.. [01 Feb 2005|04:53pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

J Bizz always makes me feel better.  She came over after school..talked me into skipping Med. Term. (shh..I'm a bad kid I know)..we ordered pizza and took pictures.  God, I love her.  Now I'm sitting all by myself jamming out to the radio..well System of a Down right now..haha...anyways.....

Fall into your hands..why have you forsaken me?!Collapse )

Okay I'm going to go be bored now since I'm not cool enough for anyone to hang out with today..since Bean had to go to work.  Oh sad day..

~*~YoU lOvE mE bUt YoU dOn'T kNoW wHo I aM..~*~ - Three Doors Down

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I'm melting in your eyes.. [25 Nov 2004|02:07pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Ugh.  Too bad Doug and Nate gave me and Joel the Norwalk Virus.Collapse )</span>

I was supposed to work from 8-3 today...but I tried to be a trooper and go in.  Lorie didn't fucking believe me that I didn't feel good...until I threw up water all over my register while helping a customer.  I was so embarassed.  I just ran away.  She eventually asked me if I was okay and if I needed to go home...I just wanted to scream "YES YOU FUCKING RETARD" in her face.  Well, I got out of working on Thanksgiving..hardy har har, but I feel bad that poor Joely is probably still there working his ass off. 

~*~I lIkE tO fUcK pIgS aNd ShIt...~*~ - Mi hermano singing..haha...too funny...

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I'll let you dissipate.. [05 Oct 2004|12:43am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]


Check 'em out..they fuckin' rock..

If you agree..join my community..</a></a>xexitxzerox </font>

I'll love you..for like..ever..and stuff


~*~I'm SoRrY..uNwOrThY..sOmE sToRiEs ArE bEtTeR lEfT uNrEaD..i'M sOrRy YoU hUrT mE..yOuR sToRiEs ArE bEtTeR lEfT uNsAiD..~*~ -EZ *muh boys*

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[08 Sep 2004|09:52pm]
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